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LARCH Individual Learning Plan
Safe, Strong & Free
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LARCH Vision

The LARCH After-School program’s vision is that each child has the right to be “safe, strong, and free.”

The program encourages and enhances the healthy development of children; academically, by providing customized support and socially, by helping children deal with everyday life issues.

Not a drop-in program

We develop a Larch Individual Learning Plan (LILP) for each student according to their needs.

There is space for up to 27 students, grade 3 to 6 to be registered, with preference given to those who would most benefit from this program.

Parents and students make a commitment to participate in this program by signing a contract at the beginning of each year.

Back to the
Community House
As of October 2022, our program has returned to in-person. We have returned to our pre-COVID-19 schedule.
Our program takes place
every Tuesday & Thursday
beginning in early October and ends in early June.
3:10 –3:35 Arrive at the Community House for a free time
     3:30–4:00 Healthy Snacks
   4:00–5:00 Tutoring time in the areas of reading, math, creative writing and homework assistance
 5:00-5:25 Indoor Games, Outdoor Games, Sports, etc.
5:25–5:30 Parent Pick-up or student walks home
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